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Funding Letter



Perhaps your employer would finance the conference? Your employer might be willing to pay all or part of your trip to attend the WJOA Conference for a few valid reasons: networking and professional development. It's important to update and refresh information that is always changing in our line of work and by attending the WJOA conference we can help you do that.


Of course, not all employers are willing to do this, but if you think your employer would be open to consider the idea, how you approach the request will play a huge part toward a positive outcome. If you approach your boss or supervisor meekly asking, "Do you think you could pay my way to the Wisconsin Juvenile Officers Juvenile Justice Conference?" it's way too easy to say "No." It's important to demonstrate how your attendance at conference will benefit the you as an employee, your department and your community.


Here are some pointers:

• Focus on what you will specifically bring back as a return on your employer's investment in you.

• Offer to make a presentation to your co-workers or community upon your return from the Conference.

• Explain how attending this Conference benefits you, your department, and your organization.

• Demonstrate how you're economizing with the expenses (carpooling, sharing a room, early bird registration, etc.)


Good luck! You have nothing to lose, and making a presentation will be good practice for you. Be a gracious winner. Be a gracious loser. Remember: It doesn't hurt to ask.